• Hosts-Alex | Polyglotradio

    Alex (A Gentleman’s Guide)

    He’s a polyglot engineer born in Luxemburg, citizen of the World. He’s living in Lisboa now, and this is his first experience as a podcaster.

  • Hosts-BB | Polyglotradio

    BB (Poly-Oroscopo)

    She’s a young italian actress, she has presented in English “Area 50-21” from September to December 2023 and now she hosts Poly-Oroscopo.

  • Hosts-Francesco | Polyglotradio

    Francesco (Ginger Macaron)

    He’s italian, years ago a famous make-up artists working with the stars of fashion. He plays the piano, loves music and world cuisine.

  • Hosts-Gioele | Polyglotradio

    Gioele (Professor G)

    Now an English teacher, he’s born in Italy and lives in Como, but he has lived in London for more than 20 years where he has studied in famous acting schools.

  • Hosts-Janny W | Polyglotradio

    Janny W (Tant Que J’y Pense)

    He’s a famous polyglot voice talent working in French and German. Now he lives in Brussels. For a long time in Miami where he was a music producer as well.

  • Hosts-Lesley | Polyglotradio

    Lesley (Something... a Little BRIT Different)

    A British voiceover actress living in the San Francesco Bay area. She gave voice to many Polyglot Radio station ids. She has worked as a radio presenter too.

  • Hosts-Matthias | Polyglotradio

    Matthias (Ich Bin Dein Vater)

    German actor and voiceover talent, living in Lienz, Austria. With is son only at the beginning and now also with his daughter they talk about nerd movies and soundtracks.

  • Hosts-Michele | Polyglotradio

    Michele (20Hits and Polyglot Radio The Podcast)

    He started working in an Italian radio station when he was 15. Then a voiceover actor in Italian and English. He lives in London. With Francesco he’s Polyglot Radio founder.