Who we are

Polyglot Radio is a product owned by:

Polyglot Radio Ltd.


7 Bell Yard – London WC2A 2JR – UK

What do we do?

We do Radio in podcast format, but we do it our way!

“After 14 years of hiatus, in fact, I return to the microphone with Polyglot Radio to talk to you about my life as an Italian abroad or about those who have changed their homeland from abroad”.

Michele Mariotti

Polyglot Radio tells of us and you, of Italians, of Europeans who have rebuilt their lives in a country abroad, changing, revolutionizing and reborn in new professions, facing new unpredictable situations. Without excluding funny, irreverent, funny episodes, all focused on a single question: Is it possible to change your life?

Sure you can!

But not only we are also a web radio which transmits from London . Every day we broadcast music, charts, programs and interviews in all languages, we are the first multilingual radio in streaming!

Listen to us Live!

Michele Mariotti is the guiding voice of Polyglot Radio.

With a brilliant past as a radio host and a current one as a speaker and not only … he guides us in the language of our host in an interesting and nice multi-language path towards distant horizons and countries of which we only know the tourist aspect, but live there ?

Living there is another thing!

Let’s find out together with our guests.

Have a good listening!