with Lesley

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MONDAY 9:00 am 9:05 am
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TUESDAY 9:00 am 9:05 am
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WEDNESDAY 9:02 am 9:07 am
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of Lesley, a British voiceover artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for her melodic tones on Polyglot Radio station IDs, she now hosts her own weekly podcast, weaving tales with irony, surprise, and a quintessentially British sense of humor. Her smooth, relaxing voice guides listeners through linguistic marvels with sophistication and charm.

Lesley explores the subtle vocabulary differences between British and American English, turning them into comedic gems that bring laughter to her audience. Her storytelling bridges the cultural divide, revealing the quirks and curiosities that make both worlds uniquely charming. With class, intelligence, and a light touch, she paints a vivid picture of these delightful disparities.

In this realm, even Sting, with “An Englishman in New York,” would feel like a “legal alien.” Lesley’s podcast is a captivating blend of wit and wisdom, an auditory symphony that transcends borders, leaving listeners enchanted by her elegantly spoken words.

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