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MONDAY 11:30 am 11:35 am
MONDAY 7:30 pm 7:35 pm
TUESDAY 11:30 am 11:35 am
TUESDAY 7:30 pm 7:35 pm
WEDNESDAY 11:30 am 11:36 am
WEDNESDAY 7:30 pm 7:35 pm
THURSDAY 11:30 am 11:35 am
THURSDAY 7:30 pm 7:35 pm
FRIDAY 11:30 am 11:35 am
FRIDAY 7:30 pm 7:35 pm
SATURDAY 11:30 am 11:35 am
SATURDAY 7:30 pm 7:35 pm

Prepare for an unparalleled auditory journey on Polyglot Radio, guided by a polymathic virtuoso born in Luxembourg’s cultural opulence, now a global citizen residing in Lisbon. Behold “A Gentlemen’s Guide: Psychology, Male-Female Dynamics & Dating” – an opulent tapestry woven by the intellect of a polyglot engineer. Delving into human cognition, our erudite host unveils psychology’s mysteries with artistic finesse.
Each episode is a refined masterpiece, dissecting the nuances of male-female dynamics, offering enlightenment for gentlemen navigating relationships. From Lisbon’s cobblestone streets, our host paints romantic sagas and the tapestry of human connection. This podcast is an expedition into the human psyche, where emotions, intellect, and desire converge.
Join our polymathic orator as he unravels dating’s secrets with seasoned charm. “A Gentlemen’s Guide” isn’t just auditory; it’s enlightenment, a cerebral banquet for discerning minds navigating love. Brace yourselves for intellectual splendor as our cosmopolitan maestro enriches your understanding of psychology and dating dynamics. Tune in and let wisdom serenade your intellect.

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