Podcasts haven't killed the radios.

Polyglot Radio, V.O.Art’s Internet radio is like a view on the podcasts we produce.

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My vision is an internet radio not only broadcasting music with presenters talking in one language only. Polyglot Radio should be like a kind of social media where listeners can "meet" other people talking in the same language, swapping their experiences in the new country they have chosen to live in. The interaction among listeners can be done using Twitter or Instagram on Polyglot Radio profiles.



The problem is that immigrants sometimes don’t understand English language radios, especially slangs the presenters use.



In Polyglot Radio they will find a "home" where some hosts speak their language and others speak English language. For listeners coming from other European countries a friendly way to improve their English.


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V.O. Art a multilingual production house (voiceover talents work from homestudios since 2011) running a multilingual internet radio based in the UK for people of different mother tongues with English as a 2nd language forming a big community.

Michele Mariotti – Company Director, Voiceover Actor.

I’m an Italian living in London since 2015. I’m a voice agent and actor. In the UK I gave my voice to Sanpellegrino Sparkling Drinks TV ad.

Francesco Troili – Art Director

He’s been one of the most famous italian make-up artists, working for all the main fashion designer from 1980 to 2000. He’s a singer and piano player, and became VO Art ltd art director in 2016.

Our Location is located in Bromley in United Kingdom.

At the moment we have 2 stable collaborators, several free lancers and podcasts hosts are all volunteers, but together with your support we would like to be able to grow.

Target amount we would like to achieve is £ 250,000 even in small amounts of £ 100 each.

The latest effective date is now.

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Our company has been valued £ 1,500,000

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