Professor G


Conductor: Gioele Silvestri

Professor G 20– Wednesday 8 June 2022

Joel tells us about auxiliary and modal verbs in direct and indirect questions .

Professor G 19– Wednesday 1 June 2022

Professor G offers us a new lesson on Phrasel Verbs .

Professor G 18 – Wednesday 25 May 2022

Gioele Silvestri in Professor G this time will list the Italian expressions and idioms that are not said in English!

Professor G 17– Wednesday 18 May 2022

Idiomatic expressions and fraseal verbs are the topic dealt with this week by Gioele Silvestri in Professor G.

Professor G 16 – Wednesday 11 May 2022

Professor G is back: this week Gioele Silvestri talks to us about the quantifier , also giving us other interesting tips.

Professor G 15– Wednesday 27 April 2022

In this episode Professor G talks about Fraseal Verbs.

Professor G 14– Wednesday 20 April 2022

Gioele Silvestri lists a series of tips on how to approach the study of the English language .

Professor G 13– Wednesday 13 April 2022

Gioele Silvestri explains how we can express in English the infinitive of verbs when they are object complement.

Professor G 12 – Wednesday 6 April 2022

The podcast English lessons held by Gioele Silvestri , our Professor G. In this episode we will discuss when and how Relative Clauses are used.

Professor G 11– Wednesday 30 March 2022

Professor G leads us on the difficult path of hypothetical English sentences by introducing us to the 3rd Conditional .

Professor G 10– Wednesday 23 March 2022

In this lesson Gioele Silvestri talks to us about idiomatic phrases and introduces us to the 2nd Conditional of the English language.

Professor G 9 – Wednesday 16 March 2022

The English school goes on and on for all those who want to learn English level B1 also by doing other things during the day. This week we will cover the conditional: Conditional 0 and 1 of the expected 5.

Professor G 8 – Wednesday 9 March 2022

Usually, normally, use to, to be used to, to get used + ing , are the themes that Joel our Professor G will address in this new podcast to learn the English language.

Professor G 7 – Wednesday 2 March 2022

The English lessons of our Gioele Silvestri, better known as Professor G. This episode is entirely dedicated to the Past Perfect.

Professor G 6 – Wednesday 23 February 2022

Professor G dedicates his 6th English lesson to modal verbs: can, could, to be able to, must, have to …

Professor G 5 – Wednesday 16 February 2022

The lessons of our Professor G continue, this time Gioele Silvestri with an impeccable British accent explains the use of the comparative and superlative adjectives of English.

Professor G 4 – Wednesday 9 February 2022

New English lesson presented by our Professor G , this time we cover the Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous . In which sentences are used and with which verbs. Let’s find out from his podcast!

Professor G 3 – Wednesday 2 February 2022

New grammar topics are the order of today’s episode conducted by our Professor G, today our Professor will treat the Present perfect and the Past simple for intermediate students but not only. Let’s start with a new English lesson.

Professor G 2 – Wednesday 26 January 2022

Professor G ‘s English lessons continue – This week Gioele Silvestri will explain the use of different ways of expressing future actions: will, present continuous, to be going to.

Professor G 1 – Wednesday 19 January 2022

Gioele Silvestri, already known by the faithful of Polyglot Radio as a regular guest of Michele Mariotti in the 1st season of Carousel and in the Polyglot Radio podcast, lived for about 20 years in London and attended prestigious Acting Schools. He now lives in Italy, where he teaches English and has turned his lessons into fun podcasts with some of his students. In the 1st lesson he will tell us about Present Simple and Present Continuous. Would you like to attend his lessons? Write to