Joe’s World


Leads: Joe Martez

2nd season

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 33 – Thursday, June 01, 2023

In this episode a fun group of Italians in Gran Canaria, who we hope to hear more from on Polyglot Radio. They are Angela, Jade and Ivan and they tell about their life in the Canary Islands.

Joe’s World – 2nd Season – 32 – Thursday 24 May 2023

Joe meets Karen this week. The hosts of this podcast had to be together, Karen has considerable experience as an entertainer and artistic director, she tells us about her past and her future… will there also be room for Polyglot Radio in her life sooner or later?

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 31 – Thursday, May 18, 2023

And the Maspalomas Pride is also over! Joe tells us about it by also giving us the numbers of this pride that will surely go down in history.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 30 – Thursday, May 11, 2023

Pride 2023 continues in Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas Gran Canaria. Today Joe hosts Giorgio from Asti with whom he talks about fetish and sexual mores during pride 2023, just before tonight’s Pool Party.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 29 – Thursday, May 03, 2023

Joe Martez and Alessandro Vasi tell us about all the dates, parties and DJs of GayPride 2023 in Maspalomas.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 28 – Thursday, April 27, 2023

This week Joe together with Alessandro Vasi, introduces us to the spicy world of thehard web with“Made in Home” porn. The narrative starts from the 1980s and the history of famous porn stars until today. Are we going to hear some good ones? Yes, but starting with the online pop-up business.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 27 – Thursday, April 20, 2023

Joe still hosts Canarian Ray, recently Mr. Fetish Spain. Let’s find out together who it is and what he will have to tell us….

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 26 – Thursday, March 30, 2023

Joe still hosts Canarian Ray, recently Mr. Fetish Spain. Let’s find out together who it is and what he will have to tell us….

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 25 – Thursday, March 23, 2023

One carnival after another in Gran Canaria! It’s not over yet, after Las Palmas and Maspalomas until Sunday it will be the turn of the bear carnival!

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 24 – Thursday, March 16, 2023

New installment with Joe Martez, this time what will he talk about? Let’s discover its diverse world together.

Joe’s World – 2nd Season – 23 – Thursday 2 March 2023

Joe Martez who after the specials dedicated to the Rubber Fest leads this episode with Alessandro Vasi to interview a new Drag Queen who is having great success in Maspalomas: Bibi Orja.

Joe’s World – 2nd Season – 22 – Monday 27 February 2023

Third update with Joe Martez and Alessandro Vasi sul Noxon, a well-known local for men only at Yumbo where the Maspalomas Rubber Fest is underway for all lovers of Rubber, one of the most popular fetishes among gay men.
Ale also in competition for Mr.Rubber Maspalomas will provide us with all the updates on the competition during the week, with extraordinary episodes of the podcast. All this at Noxon, Yumbo Center, Maspalomas.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 21 – Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023

Continuing this week with Joe Martez and Alessandro Vasi are updates on Noxon, a well-known men-only venue at Yumbo where Maspalomas Rubber Fest is underway these days for all lovers of Rubber, one of the most popular fetishes among gay men.
Joe and Ale are present every night, Ale also competing for Mr.Rubber Maspalomas and starting Saturday they will be distributing the brand new Polyglot Radio stickers.
We will also have updates on the contest during this and next week, with special episodes of the podcast. Remember, all this at the Noxon, Yumbo Center, Maspalomas.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 20 – Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023

This week Joe Martez and Alessandro Vasi take us to discover Noxon, a well-known men-only venue at Yumbo where Maspalomas Rubber Fest is going on these days for all lovers of Rubber, one of the most popular fetishes among gay men.
Joe and Ale will be there every night, Ale also competing for Mr.Rubber Maspalomas and starting Saturday they will be distributing the brand new Polyglot Radio stickers.
We will also have updates on the contest during this and next week, with special episodes of the podcast. Remember, all this at the Noxon, Yumbo Center, Maspalomas.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 19 – Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023

Third and final installment of El Mundo de Joe dedicated to Boylesque.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 18 – Thursday, February 09, 2023

Joe Martez, continues with the series dedicated to Boylesque, Italian transformers living in Paris. In this installment Roma Drag tells her story, with Walter Ego constantly poking at her.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 17 – Thursday, February 02, 2023

This week Joe Martez meets for the 1st time“I Boylesque,” an Italian duo living in Paris consisting of Roma Drag and Walter Ego. They will tell us their story in this and the next 2 episodes of El Mundo de Joe.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 16 – Thursday, January 26, 2023

Joe Martez interviews Ray, sole Canarian representative in the Mister Fetish 2023 elections in Spain.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 15 – Thursday, January 19, 2023

Joe this week interviews Tex Pat, a French gay porn actor living in Las Palmas. An episode all to be heard!

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 14 – Thursday, January 12, 2023

This week Joe Interviews Karen and Marco, an Italian couple best known for their Youtube channel featuring Karen and who recently opened a bar at the Maspalomas Lighthouse full of initiatives and surprises.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 13 – Thursday, December 29, 2022

Joe in this episode hosts Sylvain for the 3rd and final stage of the camino de Santiago de Maspalomas.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 12 – Thursday, December 22, 2022

Sylvain guest of the episode, tells us and Joe about the 2nd part of his long and varied camino de Santiago de Maspalomas.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 11 – Thursday, December 15, 2022

Together with Joe this week Sylvain returns, to tell us in detail in 3 stages about his walk to Santiago de Maspalomas. This episode is the 1st stage.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 10 – Thursday, December 8, 2022

The hot episodes of El mundo de Joe continue with an unusual mapping of Italian regions. Joe and sexologist Ale will tell us where the most gifted men live.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 9 – Thursday, December 1, 2022

A welcome return today! With Joe will host the episode Alessandro Vasi, together they will give us the rules for good fellatio.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 8 – Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Joe Martez tells us about the most popular places in Gran Canaria to have outdoor sex. Obviously, the dunes of Maspalomas are becoming a forbidden place: the authorities are doing everything to stop this ‘almost normal habit for tourists and residents.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 7 – Thursday, November 17, 2022

In this episode Joe interviews Sylvain who tells us in Spanish about his experience at the camino de Santiago de Maspalomas, a trail that crosses Gran Canaria from south to north away from the known tourist routes.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 6 – Thursday, November 10, 2022

Joe Martez this week tells us about a very special event taking place in Maspalomas,“Winter Pride.” Let’s find out together what this is all about.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 5 – Thursday, November 03, 2022

Joe this time interviews his sister Oriana, who will be able to overcome her brother’s curious questions? Oriana tells us what her plans and life are between language study and her work, along with her experience in Gran Canaria.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 4 – Thursday, October 27, 2022

Joe Martez this time interviews Michele Mariotti in his best form. Michele will tell us his personal story, his work as a podcaster, and his most interesting secrets–the intimate ones.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 3 – Thursday, October 20, 2022

Eagerly awaited and finished Fetish weekend in Mas Palomas. New stories from the week in Gran Canaria, including parties and events, discussed by Joe Martez.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 2 – Thursday, October 13, 2022

In Gran Canaria we are in the midst of Fetish Week and Joe Martez interviews the Mr. Fetish still in office until the next now imminent election. Ray from Tenerife will talk to us about the fetish world and how Gran Canaria is more open than the island where he was born.

Joe’s World – Season 2 – 1 – Thursday, October 6, 2022

Joe Martez in this first episode of the second season returns with El Mundo de Joe interviewing Damian Gòmez, a porn actor from Tenerife who has traveled the world and has recently returned to the Canary Islands.

1st season

Joe’s World 34 – Thursday, July 7, 2022

El mundo de Joe, part 2 of Alessandro Vasi’s interview with Joe Martez, really lays him bare this week — before the summer break.

Joe’s World 33 – Thursday, June 30, 2022

What happens in El mundo de Joe? A new conductor? No, a game to learn more about the life and adventures of Joe Martez, interviewed by Alessandro Vasi. Part 1.

Joe’s World 32 – Thursday 23 June 2022

Joe Martez still hosts Alessandro, Dr. Gridolin , they will tell us about the end of the Maspalomas Carnival , which ended a few days ago, and the upcoming parties and parades of Gran Canaria between the sacred and the profane.

Joe’s World 31 – Thursday 16 June 2022

Joe Martez hosts Stefano Alessandrino , he will tell us about his life around the world as a director and choreographer , and about the part of his heart that has remained in Italy in Vigevano: the Urban Gravity Academy circus school.

Joe’s World 30 – Thursday 9 June 2022

Joe hosts Federico: one, none, one hundred thousand…. the beautiful is impossible, but who is Federico ? Let’s find out together with our Joe.

Joe’s World 29 – Thursday 2 June 2022

Joe Martez meets Francesco for the 2nd time: advice for those who want to move to the Canaries .

Joe’s World 28 – Thursday May 26, 2022

Joe Martez interviews Francesco , a digital entrepreneur from Catania who has recently moved to Gran Canaria (part 1).

Joe’s World 27- Thursday May 19th 2022

This week, as after every big event Maspalomas empties, as well as the studio of Joe Martez who gives us the report of the Orgullo Gay , that is the Maspalomas Pride of May 14th.

Joe’s World 26 – Thursday 12th May 2022

Joe Martez in the studio with Vanessa and the Bim Bum Bam puppets make plans for Gay Pride in the Canary Islands.

Joe’s World 25 – Thursday 5 May 2022

Joe Martez presents his ex Giorgio Mortara , a friendly family conversation where the two, still linked by a brotherly bond , talk about Gran Canaria and the memories linked to this island

Joe’s World 24 – Thursday, April 28, 2022

Joe Martez this week introduces us to a veteran of holidays in the Canaries: Eros , Italian, over 50 who would never go to live in Gran Canaria . Let’s hear why …

Joe’s World 23 – Thursday 21st April 2022

Joe interviews Stefania from Cueva de la Luz to talk about how orange can change our sex life .

Joe’s World 22 – Thursday April 14, 2022

Joe Martez interviews Paolo Tuci , musician and producer, the first artist in Italy to re-propose the REMIX of cartoons , re-arranging their most famous themes in a modern way. He will tell us about this interesting operation.

Joe’s World 21 – Thursday 7 April 2022

This week we are talking about a particularly widespread fetish especially among young people: being a puppy , what does it mean? Sylvain , a young Frenchman who lives in Gran Canaria, tells us about it. The episode this time is in Spanish .

Joe’s World 20 – Thursday March 31, 2022

Joe in this new episode finds among his guests Stefania of the Cueva della Luz in Mas Palomas. We talk about well-being and energy through holistic therapies .

Joe’s World 19 – Thursday 24 March 2022

This week Joe Martez interviews Joseph T. who is previewing his book Total Trainer .

Joe’s World 18 – Thursday March 17, 2022

This time Joe interviews Dario , a clerk in a well-known sex shop in Maspalomas and strips him off…

Joe’s World 17 – Thursday 10 March 2022

In ” El mundo de Joe “, Joe remembers Walter Mortara who left us: a well-known character in Asti , for him like a father.

Joe’s World 16 – Thursday, March 3, 2022

New episode of Joe’s World, in this episode Joe Martez talks about Luca Lomi’sPupazzi Story” and interviews the same author with Alessandro Vasi, last week’s guest.

Joe’s World 15 – Thursday, February 24, 2022

This week Joe Martezinvites Alessandro Vasi, the Italian guest of this episode, to his house in Gran Canaria. 37 years old, Sicilian by origin, Lombard by adoption, he tells us why he decided to leave Italy and move to Gran Canaria.

Joe’s World 14 – Thursday, February 17, 2022

New episode, new topic: Joe Martez in this episode talks about Reiki together with Stefania de La Cueva de la Luz.

Joe’s World 13 – Thursday 10 February 2022

In this episode Joe Martez interviews Stefani as the director of a Holistic center in Maspalomas: La Cueva de la luz.

Joe’s World 12 – Friday, February 4, 2022

This time Joe Martez hosts an old acquaintance: Diego Sphynx porn actor who lives in Maspaloma s. Let’s listen to them in this new episode, perhaps a little hot …

Joe’s World 11 – Thursday 27 January 2022

A very interesting guest,Daniele Cauduro, is back this week, but this time in “Il mondo di Joe”, Joe Martez puts a little spice and the interview becomes a hot inversion

Joe’s World 10 – Thursday 20 January 2022

Daniele Cauduro , Italian director , lover of cinema and Gran Canaria is the first guest of this new episode, the premiere of 2022. Globetrotter, dancer, then author, trainer in the academy of cinema and acting, will tell us about his interesting world and his passion for this island.

Joe’s World 9 – Thursday 9 December 2021

This week’s guest of Joe’s World, Gianni, a great lover of Gran Canaria. He tells us what prompted him to move to the island and how he sees the new Spanish life. A transforming reading of the environment and the sociality of the inhabitants.

Joe’s World 8 – Thursday 2 December 2021

Joe Martez in this episode, from his studio in Maspalomas, meets Max Barbato, a well-known character from the world of dance and fashion, protagonist of musicals such as Priscilla the Queen of the Desert in the theater in Italy. He will tell us why he chose to live in Gran Canaria .

Joe’s World 7 – Thursday 25 November 2021

Joe Martez this week in his podcast dedicated to life in Gran Canaria hosts Daniele “the boy next door” for an account of Winter Pride in its eighth edition. What will they have to tell us? Let’s listen to them.

Joe’s World 6 – Thursday 18 November 2021

In the sixth episode of El mundo de Joe, Mirko and Joe Martez introduce us to a new friendship , made up of stories, hopes, intimate experiences and travels. Mirko tells us about his experience in Gran Canaria as a traveler and as a curious and fan of this very open and free island. There is always an implication to understand and investigate . Listen to believe!

Joe’s World 5 – Thursday 11 November 2021

This week Joe Martez hosts Dario on his Il Mondo di Joe podcast to tell us about the events of Maspalomas Winter Gay Pride .

Joe’s World 4 – Thursday 4 November 2021

In the fourth episode Joe Martez will talk about a really curious topic, a topic that has to do with the paranormal and he will do it together with a special guest, Miguel from Gran Canaria. Let’s listen to the episode in Spanish .

Joe’s World 3 – Thursday, October 28, 2021

In this third episode Joe Martez in the company of Emiliano Castagna , speaks to us of stars , but moving on first from the therapeutic massage profession of our host! And what about the stars? Gran Canaria and its people observers , there is a lot to say … even about UFO . Let’s listen to them.

Joe’s World 2 – Thursday 21 October 2021

Who is the boy next door from Gran Canaria…? What will he tell us about Gran Canaria and its life , about relationships, friends, the differences between the north and south of the island? Let’s get to know the island’s multi-culture and discover how its inhabitants live .

Joe’s World 1- Thursday 7 October 2021- COMING SOON

Here we are, here it is first episode de Joe’s World , a report from Gran Canaria on the world of sex and the occult. In this first episode Joe Martez will have a very special guest Diego Sphynx porn actor… Let’s find out more about his path in this new podcast.

Joe’s World 0 – Thursday 7 October 2021

Joe’s World: Gran Canaria y mucho masis the new radio program hosted by Joe Martezwho, together with his guests, will make us discover the excesses of Gran Canaria, from sex to the occult …