Podcast Programs


If you haven’t heard them live on our web radio, listen to them in podcasts! Discover the new entertaining programs broadcast on Polyglot Radio.

Professor G

Conductor: Gioele Silvestri

Professor G – Every Wednesday in podcast

Professor G – Gioele Silvestri’s English lessons in a new and fun formula.


Leads: Joanna Rubio

Supernova – Every Wednesday in podcast

Supernova – Ready for the new program conducted by Joanna Rubio in Spanish?

Spoken Words

Lead: Lewis Pilcher

Spoken Words – Every Friday in podcast

Spoken Words- The Poem of the Week-Let’s listen to Lewis Pilcher‘s rap as well as podcast on the radio, are you ready for something truly innovative?

Joe’s World

Leads: Joe Martez

Joe’s World – Podcast every Thursday

Joe’s World: Gran Canaria y mucho mas is the radio program hosted by Joe Martez who together with his guests will make us discover the excesses of Gran Canaria , from sex to the occult in the first season, and that from the second onwards will dedicate more space to guests who orbit its world exposing them … (literally ?!).

Ginger Macaron

Leads: Francesco Troili

Ginger Macaron 1- Every Wednesday in podcast

Every Wednesday the new podcast of Ginger Macaron comes out: golden patisserie of make-up, fashion and haute cuisin led by the very nice Francesco Troili who with irony and sarcasm tells us the secrets and the background of the golden world of fashion , make -up and cooking .

Ich bin dein vater

They lead: Matthias and Vincent Hack

Ich bin dein vater – Every two weeks on Fridays in podcast

The title is “Ich bin dein vater “Quote taken from”The Empire Strikes Back “(Star Wars ) from the phrase of Dark Vader (Darth Vader in German), but the podcast is much more, that is, it is a nice conversation between father, Matthias Hack and 11 year old son, Vincent on films, soundtracks and TV series. Strictly in German you can listen to a new episode every two weeks on Fridays.