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Programmi in Podcast | Polyglot Radio


If you haven’t heard them live on our web radio, listen to them on podcast! Check out our fun programs broadcast on Polyglot Radio.

Poly-Oroscope – NEW

Conductor: B .B.

Poly-Oroscopo | Polyglot Radio


Poly-Oroscope – The Saturday Podcast

Rain or shine? Is it raining or is the sun shining for you this fall? Find out with Poly-Oroscope, Polyglot Radio ‘s new, original podcast in the company of B.B. Everything you need to know about the new season, sign by sign! With a decidedly special finale dedicated to sex: a world of sex and…who to do it with!

Poly-Oroscope is waiting for you on Polyglot Radio and major platforms. Written by Sandro Vigna, it is the newest horoscope there is.

A Little BRIT Different

Leads: Lesley

A Little Brit Different | Polyglot Radio


A Little Brit Different- Every Thursday on podcast

Lesley, in her weekly podcast, with irony, surprise, and a typical British sense of humor, will be amazed and will amaze us, recounting small vocabulary differences which create hilarious situations. Her wonderful voice, sexy, smooth and relaxing at the same time, tells us, with class, intelligence and that lightness that always tears a smile, diversities, curiosities and anecdotes between the British and world U.S.; sometimes they are so strong to make even Sting, in his song An Englishman in New York, feeling a “legal alien”.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series

Conductor: Michele Mariotti

Polyglot Radio - Il Podcast | Polyglot Radio


Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Every Tuesday on Podcast.

In the third season of The PODCAST hit Polyglot Radio, Michele Mariotti around the world will interview those who have chosen to live in a new country on their daily adventure.

Talk Travel: Travel Meetings

Conductor: Lucia Angella

Talk Travel | Polyglot Radio


Talk Travel: Travel Meetings

Throughout the summer Lucia Angella will take us around the world and meet Italian speakers from Australia, Asia and the Americas .

Blockchain and Crypto: Threat or New Normal?

Lead: Danuta Dobrzykowska

Blockchain e Crypto | Polyglot Radio


Blockchain and Crypto: Threat or New Normal?

Blockchain and Crypto: threat or new normal? Danuta Dobrzykowska guides us together with several guests in the world of cryptocurrencies , discussing topics ranging from how and where to best keep cryptocurrencies, to where you can use them for payments.

Twenty 20 Hits

Lead: Michele Mariotti and Gregg Masuak

20Hits | Polyglot Radio


20 Hits – Every Tuesday in podcast

Twenty-20Hits : the ranking of the 20 most programmed musical pieces of the week in Italian and English with Michele Mariotti and Gregg Masuak.

Professor G

Conductor: Gioele Silvestri


Professor G – Every Wednesday in podcast

Professor G – Gioele Silvestri’s English lessons in a new and fun formula.


Leads: Joanna Rubio

Supernova | Polyglot Radio



Supernova is PODCAST project in Spanish produced and hosted by voice actor and announcer Joanna Rubio. In the podcast we will cover many types of topics: we will talk about the Internet, travel, music, hobbies, personal relationships and we will interview people who will allow us to see the world from their particular perspective.

Spoken Words

Lead: Lewis Pilcher


Spoken Words

Spoken Words- The Poem of the Week-Let’s listen to Lewis Pilcher‘s rap as well as podcast on the radio, are you ready for something truly innovative?

El Mundo de Joe

Leads: Joe Martez


Joe’s World – Podcast every Thursday

El Mundo de Joe: Gran Canaria y mucho mas is the radio program hosted by Joe Martez who together with his guests will introduce us to the excesses of Gran Canaria, from sex to the occult in the first season, and that from the second onward he will devote more space to the guests who orbit his world Laying them bare… (literally?!).

Ginger Macaron

Leads: Francesco Troili


Ginger Macaron 1- Every Wednesday in podcast

Every Wednesday the new podcast of Ginger Macaron comes out: golden patisserie of make-up, fashion and haute cuisin led by the very nice Francesco Troili who with irony and sarcasm tells us the secrets and the background of the golden world of fashion , make -up and cooking .

Ich bin dein vater

They lead: Matthias and Vincent Hack

Ich bin dein vater | Polyglot Radio


Ich bin dein vater – Every two weeks on Fridays in podcast

The title is “Ich bin dein vater “Quote taken from”The Empire Strikes Back “(Star Wars) from the phrase DarkVader (Darth Vader in German), but the podcast is much more than that, which is to say it is a friendly conversation between father, Matthias Hack and 11-year-old son, Vincent about movies, soundtracks and TV series. Strictly in German you can listen to a new episode every two weeks on Fridays.