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Conductor: Michele Mariotti

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 16 – Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023

Guest: Alexander Jung


Polyglot Radio – The Podcast with Alexandre Jung, born in Luxembourg, first an engineer for a well-known car manufacturer, then aircraft pilot for a famous airline, has lived in as many as 7 European countries and recently moved, for a promotion in the same company, to Lisbon in Portugal, which he still calls a “Hidden Gem.” Let’s listen to what he tells us about this beautiful city.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 15 – Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2023

Guest: Darrin Wood

Darrin Wood | Polyglot Radio


Polyglot Radio – The podcast this week meets Darrin Wood, a young HR expert who has been moving to London from South Africa for about 20 years.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 14 – Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023

Guest: Cindy Vitale

Cindy Vitale | Polyglot Radio


Cindy Vitale, an American who has lived in Italy for more than 30 years, tells us what she likes about Italy and her job: she teaches English Language Pronunciation in a well-known language high school in Milan.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 13 – Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Guest: Erica Ramorino


The protagonist of our podcast is Erica Ramorino, a young mom who has lived in 3 completely different countries of the world in the past 2 years, let’s find out together where and find new inspirations.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 12 – Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Guest: Williet Yael Vincent


A regular guest from previous Polyglot Radio The podcast series returns: Milan-born Williet Yael Vincent will talk about how recently politics have changed in Israel, where she lives, and how one expatriate always feels at home in another.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 11 – Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Guest: Javier Fernandez Peña

Javier Fernandez Peña | Polyglot Radio


Polyglot Radio – The podcast hosts Javier Fernandez, the most famous Spanish voice in the world. Having moved to London for many years, he will tell us about the changes that have taken place in GB particularly since after Brexit.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 10 – Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Guest: Matilde Veneri


Starring in this episode is Cremonese dancer and actress Matilde Veneri, who has lived in New York and London. Cast in the filmThe Prince of Melchiorre Gioia.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 9 – Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Guest: Alessandro Vasi


Protagonist of Polyglot Radio – The Podcast is Alessandro Vasi, frequent guest of Joe Martez in “El mundo de Joe.” Milanese, moved to Gran Canaria in 2021 after the lockdown. He will tell us about his experience on the island, which he already knew as a tourist, and what he is looking for now.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 8 – Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Guest: Erika Tan


Erika Tan, who lives in Malaysia and studied psychology for 5 years in Australia in Adelaide, is a model, actress and speaker and is preparing for a new life in Switzerland. We will hear more about her very soon. New English-language episode of Polyglot Radio The Podcast, hosted by Michele Mariotti.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 7 – Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Guest: Nando Tobar


In Polyglot Radio – The podcast protagonist is Spaniard Nando Tobar, a stewart of a well-known airline who has been living in London for several years, where he moved from Cordoba after a master’s degree in communications. After a brief experience as a blogger, he decided with a friend to become a podcaster during the first lockdown, dealing with homosexual issues that were also very serious but in a kitschy and sometimes irreverent way. And it’s a hit, entitled“Maricona.”

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 6 – Tuesday, November 14, 2022

Guest: Viola


Polyglot Radio – The Podcast this week hosts Viola a successful Italian entrepreneur, a woman definitely out of the box who received an all-English schooling and that is why we want to find out more about her. Let’s get to know her better in episode 6.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 5 – Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Guest: Saverio Principini


Polyglot Radio – The Podcast hosts Saverio Principini, SAGE as he is known in the music world. A producer for Vasco Rossi, he has worked with the biggest international artists and has lived in the United States since 1987. He will tell us about his life and how he managed to build a bridge between Italian music and music made in the USA.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 4 – Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Guest: Francesco Troili


Given the success of the first season of Ginger Macaron, in this episode Michele Mariotti, in “The Podcast” interviews a very extraordinary guest: Francesco!

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 3 – Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022

Guest: Susan Vinciotti Bonito

Susan Vinciotti Bonito - Immagine https://susanvinciottibonito.com/


Polyglot Radio – The Podcast hosts Susan Vinciotti Bonito, a very talented Italian actress who lives in Santa Monica, California where she has been living for years.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 2 – Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022

Guest: Vincenzo Mastrovincenzo

Voncenzo Mastrovincenzo | Polyglot Radio


Vincenzo Mastrovincenzo is an Italian business agent who has lived in England for several years, and after touring the United Kingdom a bit, he has made London his new home. He has also lived in Australia in Sydney, but prefers the old continent. He also has a very strong passion for Radio.

Polyglot Radio – The Podcast – 3rd Series – Episode 1- Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Guest: Mu Yun Shen


The successful Polyglot Radio – The PODCAST returns with its third season. Michele Mariotti around the world will interview those who have chosen to live in a new country on their daily adventure. What will be theevolution that led them to make this choice? Will they have made the right choice? What difficulties, but more importantly, what pleasant surprises will they tell us? Let’s find out together in the first episode with the first guest, his name is Mu Yun Shen, a musician and luthier who moved to Italy to Cremona from Taiwan to attend the famous violin making school.